What is?

LineTracer is a tool for converting scanned hand-drawn sketches to vector format. It exports to EPS, which means the output can be used by about any program. It is primarily meant for helping illustrators and animators.

The application is GUI based and runs on Windows. Currently it works best with images that have about 200-300 DPI.

Screenshots (click imgs to view full size)

Before: After:

Before: After:

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Known bugs

Missing tool box: If the program is quit when main window is maximized, the tool box is lost on next startup. (Actually, it is placed outside screen...) The solution to this is to make main window small again, quit program and restart.


Download here.


October 29, 2012: Project has not been actively maintained since 2006. If you are interested in taking ownership of project, please contact
June 9, 2006: v0.2.1. Rewrote multithreading part. The program hopefully is more stable and responsive now.
June 8, 2006: v0.2.0. Improved EPS output. Lines consisting of many bezier curves are now grouped together as one line, instead of having one line for each bezier segment.